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More reasons why protein is a weight loss and healthy living MUST

Protein Promotes Muscle Growth and Repair, and that’s why by eating more protein you will develop a toned body and it will be easier for you to lose weight.

A few reasons why protein is a must for a healthy and fit body

After several bouts of intense exercise, your protein needs increases. As you exercise, your muscles reduce in number while others get worn out. This means that it is crucial to increase your protein consumption during your exercising periods. You might consider taking high protein snacks after engaging in a massive strength training process.


strong woman is drinking sports nutrition

strong woman is drinking sports nutrition

Expert recommend around 50% for extreme weight loss, and at least 25% for mild weight loss.

Furthermore, Protein Increases Muscle Mass and Strength. As you undergo your weight loss process, you need to maintain your muscle strength and mass. Actually, the primary content of our muscle is proteins. Including high-proteins in your diets during your weight loss process will apparently help you in gaining muscle strength and mass, hence, reduce muscle loss. 

Proteins make you feel satisfied hence saves on calorie intake

As you begin your weight loss process, you require protein to keep you full for longer hours. If you maintain this over a couple of days, your digestion will be slowed down hence reduction in your calorie intake and, therefore, weight loss. If you want more info about how to lose weight fast and how many calories you should eat daily to lose weight, go ahead and watch this video

Starting your fat burning journey by eating more protein

Proteins Promote Fat Burning and if you want to lose weight really fast, it is important to consume a lot of protein – at least 1 gram per pound. In fact if you are wondering how many calories to eat daily to lose weight, I can tell you that no matter the number, 60% of it should be protein, for extremely fast results.

60 % of your daily calories should be protein – and you’ll lose 1 pound per day.

eating protein to lose weight and stay healthyIt may sound funny and surprising though this is a confirmed fact. Scientific studies and research have proved that your body requires either protein or carbohydrate to effectively burn and use fat for energy production.

Food intake fuels metabolism process for just a while. However, this doesn’t apply to all food types. The studies have also rated proteins to have the highest thermic effect, by almost 20% over carbs or fats. 

Did you know that as you lose weight, your body reduces in both fat and muscles? It is therefore very important that you continue eating enough protein during your weight loss journey. While maintaining calorie-burning lean muscle, you need to incorporate adequate protein in your diet. 

Proteins have a high “Thermic Effect of Food” (TEF), so if you want to be healthy you should 1 gram of protein per pound per day.

Thermic Effect of Food is the energy required to digest food into smaller amounts and make them more digestable by our body. Protein has been proved to have relatively higher TEF in comparison with fat and carbs. This means, in the processing of proteins, you actually burn more calories than those you burn in the processing of fat and carbs. 

Why High-protein Intake is a Great Deal towards Weight loss & Health

In this short post I want to mention why protein is so important if you want to stay healthy and lose weight.

Do you want to lose weight quickly?

high protein dietThere is a great excitement towards high-protein diets especially among individuals undergoing weight loss. The roles of proteins in weight loss can’t be underestimated and you may wonder why protein foods are highly prized in most food ventures and outlets.

Similarly, it is and it shouldn’t be anything surprising to see people who increase their protein intake tend to lose a lot of weight than those who consume only a small amount of proteins. For an average person, 20% of his or her calorie intake should be composed of proteins.

It is important to note that losing weight is just but the begging of the journey. There are always high chances of regaining the weight lost and this has remained the biggest challenge among the people undergoing the weight loss process.

Several studies and reaches have been conducted to determine the role of protein intake in weight loss and weight loss maintenance. The following are some of the reasons why eating lots of protein daily is a great way to lose weight.